Club Magnum is the home for those looking for more from the world of wine.

for private customers looking for access to rare wines, to a network of fellow wine lovers and to events and experiences created for them.

for producers seeking direct access to enthusiastic, genuine wine lovers for small volumes of their most coveted bottles.

By shortening the route from vineyard to table, both producers and Club Magnum members benefit from a closer relationship and a greater understanding of what drives each other.

By bottling in magnum - the optimum format for maturing wine - the potential of the magical terroirs from which the wine comes is captured at its height.

Club Magnum’s mission is to enable genuine wine lovers to access the wines produced in the world’s greatest vineyards and for the producers to be able to gain a greater return for their efforts.

About Us

Club Magnum is the home for those looking for more from the world of wine.

Club Magnum’s mission is to enable genuine wine lovers to access the wines produced in the world’s greatest vineyards and for the producers to be able to gain a greater return for their efforts.

In the space of a generation, the quality of wine production and access to information about wine has advanced enormously. However, the distribution of wine remains convoluted, inefficient and stuck in a previous age. It’s time to address that. Club Magnum focuses on adding true value for its members and growers:

access to wines of
rarity and impeccable

events and

the creation
of a rich community
of wine-lovers

When it comes to the wines themselves, our selection criteria is unapologetically strict: we focus solely on the best examples of the respective regions, villages and vineyards. By doing this, members avoid the need to buy ‘collateral’ wines from a producer or merchant’s range.

Purchases are made with the sole aim to be shared out among the membership as equally as possible and by starting with a blank sheet, all members are in the same position for allocations with a transparent set of rules.

Through this structure, Club Magnum provides a much better match between product and end consumer and thus a better reflection of market value. This virtuous circle rewards the grower with a premium for his or her wine and rewards members by being able to obtain small quantities of great wines that are often inaccessible.


Club Magnum is the creation of Mike Laing, a British wine merchant who has spent over 20 years working in the fine wine business.



OUR first offers are from Burgundy, arguably the most sought after yet complicated region of them all.

Club Magnum aims to buy a minimum of one barrel of wine from each Domaine, with bottling requested in magnum, for exclusive distribution to its members. Allocations are made as equably as possible and membership numbers are carefully controlled to reflect the quantity of wines available.

Upon wines being available for collection, Club Magnum consolidates all wines purchased together, contacting members to arrange for onward delivery or storage.

In addition to the new vintage releases, carefully selected parcels of wine, including older vintages, are offered to members to buy throughout the year. Members wishing for assistance with planning their cellars and purchasing for events and special celebrations can also call on Club Magnum’s services.

A programme of complimentary Club dinners enables members to meet each other and to share special bottles and experiences. Gala dinners are also held in the company of producers and luminaries of the wine world, with members benefitting from preferential rates.

Above all, the events programme, as well as the atmosphere of the Club as a whole, is engaging, convivial and open.

With a strict limit of membership numbers, interested parties are advised to get in contact via email quickly in order to find out more and to make their application.

Be it anecdotal or empirical, there is consistent evidence that the 150cl magnum format delivers an enhanced environment for the slow, even maturation of wine.

Burgundy 2020
New Release Offer,
April 2022:

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Club Magnum Burgundy 2020 brochure

Burgundy 2019
Opening Offer,
April 2021:

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Burgundy 2018
New Release Offer,
June 2020:

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Beaujolais & Jura
Opening Offer,
March 2020:

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Burgundy 2017
New Release Offer,
September 2019:

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Of course, only a very small quantity of the world’s wine production, the very peak of the pyramid, requires additional ageing but for those wines that do, it is this extra time in the cellar that allows them to develop their flavours and unlock their secrets. Time and again, in both professional comparative tastings as well as in consumer events, wines matured in magnum deliver that little bit more.

There are also commercial, social and aesthetic advantages. There is no doubt that the sight of a magnum on the table quickens the pulse a little more readily than a standard format, adding an extra element of pleasure to the given occasion, indeed in some instances making the occasion.

The additional volume, meanwhile, encourages sharing and if wine is for anything, then surely it is for being enjoyed in company. A magnum over lunch or dinner between two couples is just about perfect. Meanwhile, for those with half an eye on future value, magnums continue to attract a small premium to standard bottles, not least because of the relative lack of supply.

Indeed, if you have tried to find mature stocks of magnums with any regularity, you will know how hard it is to track them down. The wine industry still holds a fixation with the 75cl bottle which seems unlikely to change any time soon. By working directly with the producers and electing bottling in magnum at the time of order, Club Magnum is able to deliver a steady supply of magnums to its members, thus enabling them to enjoy wines of perfect provenance in truly optimal condition.


With our centre of operations in Burgundy, the villages of the Côte d’Or are the starting point for Club Magnum. As we develop, however, we also look for suitable relationships with producers outside of our home territory. Wherever they may be, all of our producers are selected with the same criteria in mind: as reference points in their respective villages, appellations and categories.










Membership of Club Magnum is available to private individuals only.

Membership numbers are strictly capped to reflect the availability of wine. When the membership is full, a waiting list will be in operation.

Club Magnum is a French business and all transactions are in Euros. Invoices must be settled by bank transfer. You must be over 18 years of age.

With the exception of Founder Members, all applications for Membership should be accompanied by a proposal from an existing member. New members will be required to pay a joining fee in addition to the subscription. Annual subscriptions will be renewable after twelve months from the joining date.

Membership applications and all enquiries should be sent to

You will receive by return an information pack, including current tariff, terms and conditions.

Once your membership application has been processed, you will be eligible to participate in all offers, including opening offers and to claim your complimentary places at upcoming Club dinners, as well as enjoying Membership rates at any special events or on parcel purchases.

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